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ECTPHAN 330模体,美国模体实验室ECTPHAN 330模体

ECTPHAN 330模体,美国模体实验室ECTPHAN 330模体

型号:ECTPHAN 330模体 类别: 影像模体 品牌:美国模体实验室The Phantom Laboratory pdf资料:ECTPHAN 330模体,美国模体实验室ECTPHAN 330模体.pdf

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The ECTphan™模 体是一个圆柱形的,液体填充的容器,可进行单光子发射断层摄影(SPECT)系统的质量监测的各种测试。模体可用来评估以下的SPECT系统参数:重构的 均匀性,空间分辨率,低对比度分辨率,像素尺寸,切片宽度和旋转中心(COR)。此外,ECTphan™幻影数据适合于上面列出的系统参数的计算机分析。

Configurations: The phantom lends itself to a number of user configurations The phantom has an end plate with 4 threaded holes (one in the center and three in a radial pattern)  that can be filled with fillable ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ solid low contrast inserts. The contrast inserts can be replaced by plugs when not needed or to increase the uniformity area.  A point source holder can be positioned at the phantom center for measurements of PSF, MTF and center of rotation. The test plate can also be removed easily to create a larger uniformity area. Email:hongqi@slcaye.com


The ECTphan™ phantom consists of three main test areas: the test plate, a uniformity area and the end plate for inserts.


  • Test Plate
    Pixel Size
    Slice Width 深圳市展业达鸿科技CQ9电子
    Spatial Resolution 深圳市展业达鸿科技CQ9电子

  • Uniformity Section
      - Integral Uniformity
    Noise Statistics www.slcaye.com 

  • End Plate
    Low Contrast Measurements (‘Hot’ or ‘Cold’)
    PSF 深圳市展业达鸿科技CQ9电子
    Center of Rotation. www.slcaye.com 



Phantom Components

Test Plate: The test plate has 4 ‘hot’ holes spaced 120mm apart for measuring pixel size in X and Y axes. Four bar patterns up to 2.5lp/cm are available for visual evaluation of spatial resolution. Two opposed angled ramps provide the ability to measure slice thickness.


Uniformity Section: The uniformity section provides a 20cm diameter area that can be visually examined for artifacts and non-uniformities. The integral non-uniformity and RMS noise statistics can be calculated from the pixel values in the area. Email:15920060912@139.com

End Plate: The end plate has threaded holes to mount the point source holder and the ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ low contrast inserts. When tests are not needed the holes may be plugged with SMR 168 plugs.


The point source holder can be positioned and imaged at the phantom center. The holder is designed for imaging the point sources in air and with scatter. From the reconstructed point source data, a point spread function (PSF) is generated and the full width at half maximum (FWHM) and full width at tenth maximum (FWTM) values can be measured. The modulation transfer function (MTF) may be generated from the PSF if software is available.


The external point source insert can be used to evaluate tilt of the camera heads. This is done by visual inspection of a rotating cine of the point source projection data and noting any significant change in the y-axis position of the point source.


The reconstructed point source data can also be used to demonstrate errors in the center of rotation (COR). Items to note on the reconstructed data are point source width in three dimensions, shape, and indications of streaking or other artifacts.


The ECTphan™ Phantom is supplied with either 3 solid or 3 hollow low contrast inserts. These inserts can be threaded into the phantom end plate in a radial pattern 75mm off the center axis, or one can be placed in the phantom’s central axis. The inserts are comprised of three sections: 10, 15, and 20mm in diameter and 40mm long. 深圳市展业达鸿科技CQ9电子

The hollow inserts are filled through a port at the threaded end. The hollow inserts are used to simulate “hot” lesions. The solid inserts are used to simulate “cold” lesions.


Note: ECTphan™ phantoms are not supplied with contrast fill solutions. Customers are required to add their own fill solutions.


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